Sylvia's writing to freedom

A “normal” day in a “normal” world 16/11/2010

Today I went probably for the last time to my cleaning job at C.’s. She gave birth her child through a caesarean 4 weeks ago and she’ll be able to clean her house by herself again. After the first time when I went there, I was bringing my own vacuum cleaner with me. She has or a broom or a broom stick model vacuum cleaner. I was amazed at first, that so many Italian women in my region, don’t have a proper vacuum cleaner. Their houses are full of all kinds of cleaning products. At first when I started cleaning for others I had to study on which product I needed to use for doors, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, windows etcetera in every different household I worked for the preferences were different. I use simply water and my house is clean! So I brought my Dyson vacuum cleaner with me to C.’s place, she looked at me as if I was a time traveler. After watching me use the machine for several times now, she was astonished about the possibilities of the machine. Today she asked if she was allowed to use it, sure why not. First of all she wanted to know how to turn the vacuum cleaner on. The Dyson has one big red button the other button has a picture of a cord on it. I imagine that she wanted to be sure, while using other peoples stuff. I went to another room to clean, when I came back I saw her vacuuming the couch. For the couch there is a special nozzle to use, she has seen it many times now. Instead she used the complete machine, instead of ungearing the main vacuum tube. She was working over her power and it was such a funny picture. It looked like she was cleaning the couch with some heavy duty DIY machine. As if I had my Dyson given to a monkey who was finding out what to do with it. I saw evolution at it’s worse case scenario. We think we have changed through time and evolution, but I see stil the same human throughout the years. Give us humans technology and we don’t know what to do with it. We react the same way as our ancestors would have done when a time traveler had introduced them to my Dyson. Who dares to say that technology is man made and therefore evolution exist, I would say:”Think again and research”.

Also today my daughter A. went to school with our return note for the teacher who says that she treats every student equally. A. said that she read the note and said nothing, she checked A.’s homework of that particular day and that was it. What else could we do than approach this situation with common sense and pointing out to the teacher that she has to take responsibility for her words. No idea if the message came across, but that’s up to her.

The kids showed the girl next door the video/movie they had made this summer. My son J. filmed and edited the movie into a YT video and into a DVD with menu’s, bloopers, photographs etcetera. My daughter A. and a Dutch girlfriend that stayed with us were the actors. It was fun to see how they played, had fun and learned a lot of new things. The girl next door wanted to make also a movie so the three of them sat down in front of a computer and they wrote the script, later they started filming with the camera. They are not finished yet, but they really enjoyed themselves. The girl next door kept saying how much fun it was. Playing with your Nintendo, X-box or Wii can be fun too, but kids who direct themselves and come up with what to play that’s something I like to watch.

I assumed that the Italian lessons started today, but after sending a SMS to J&A we found out that they were still in Sicilia and not able to start the lessons till next week. If something happens next week and the lessons won’t continue I’ll start on my own, I’m waiting already since the beginning of October. I realise more and more how I fucked myself up by not learning the language to a certain extend. Reading a book is still rather difficult, the Italian written language isn’t the same as the spoken one. Watching  a dubbed movie, is too fast and therefore too difficult. Watching tv is too fast spoken Italian with too difficult idiom and I do not even have a tv. Discussing or listening to a conversation on a higher level than discussing the weather is not yet possible. I positioned myself in a blind alley with my back to the entrance. I’ve got to turn around if I want to be effective in this world, I can not accept and allow this behaviour any more.


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