Sylvia's writing to freedom

Christmas 21/12/2010

We just had our American friends J.&A. over for Italian lesson. They brought ginger cookies and a mix of roasted nuts for Christmas. I thanked them for the food they brought. So, later on tonight J. asked what we had planned for Christmas and the four of us said in unison: “Nothing, just the usual, as every other ordinary day”. They understood the words we spoke, but they couldn’t figure out why. I explained that it is quite hypocrite to celebrate this big consumeristic food feast at the expense of billions of others who haven’t got any food let alone presents. Then even later tonight J. asked what we had planned for New Years eve and again we said, nothing special, it’s just a day as all the others. They were puzzled.

People in general understand when you confront them with the suffering in the world and that this suffering is real and actual, what they do not want to see is why they have to give in their special Christmas and New Years feelings/celebrations. It’s as if they say, I really care for those who suffer, but don’t bother me with it at Christmas and New Year. They probably feel it as a right to celebrate capitalism and consumerism and get all nasty when you suggest to reconsider their self honesty within it.

I just read on Facebook that somebody wrote something like: ” It’s not Christmas we have to blame, it’s us.” Of course Christmas isn’t the scapegoat, but we may not forget that after all it’s us humans who invented this kind of celebrations and it’s us who participate within it. It’s not so much that I’m pissed off with Christmas, it’s more the ignorance that comes with it and that’s the same with all other abundant celebrations. The ignorance in overeating at dinner parties out of the so called right to do so, because one has the means for it. The fact that I own a car doesn’t mean that I use it all the time, I use my car within common sense whenever I have to. That’s the same with food, I use food to sustain my body and not to underline how great I’m doing in life. This kind of mind fucking is only causing more outflows and consequences such as obesity, bulimia and anorexia.

At Christmas we all of a sudden start to think about the people around us who haven’t got this great life we have. My parents-in-law transferred €300,- for Christmas to our bank account. We live quite a poor life right now and this amount of money is helping us out for sure. Although when I look at it in a greater perspective it’s kind of weird that we get this money now at Christmas while they know we live in poverty already for over 8 months now. Then my parents told me that they transferred €200,- to our bank account for Christmas. My dad said: “It’s €25,- per person to buy something nice and €100,- to buy some great food for Christmas.” I was speechless, I was grateful for the money, but the €200,- and the €300,- are just covering the basic living expenses. So after I thanked them I didn’t say anything for a few minutes. Than my mom said: “You may of course spend it on basic needs, wood for the stove or something like that.” I said, yes that’s more what I was thinking. Than they both said that we only had to call them if we needed more money for our basic needs. It’s great to know that some one is willing to back you up financially, although I found out that lending or getting money from somebody is creating this unequal relationship between the two parties. It’s about one who has and one who hasn’t, so inequality to start with. My partner P. has a part-time job right now, it’s not paying really great yet, but that will change after January. I’m still repairing cloths and making gifts on request and joining DIP so slowly but surely we’re getting back into the system again. Not really a great prospect, but the only way to be effective within the system again.

So wishing some one merry Christmas and a happy New Year is merely an empty phrase and confirming ones participation within inequality. People get all stressed out for this one celebration, running around in the streets and shops like they lost their head/common sense. They buy more than they can carry, in a way I have to laugh when I see these automated robots running around. They really do not know why they are doing all of this, they are just following their program and repeating it over and over again every year. Maybe if there was a virus to interfere with the pre-programming, one like equality and oneness for all for instance, it might shake us up. We might than awaken out of this bad dream we call life.


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