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Where dead birds drop on your head… 09/01/2011

Today after many times skipping my walk around the block I walked again. The weather has been awful, but that’s a lame excuse. I know that every time after not walking for a while I sort of regret it. Which is in fact a stupid or ineffective way to live my life, to not act then later regret it and not seeing or understanding the point why I didn’t act in the first place. I would say a very difficult way to handle myself.

So we walked, there was this soft warm breeze and a nice 12 degrees Celsius. I felt the wind touching the skin of my face and I felt here within reality. Every step I did was a connection with the earth, every breath and every step. Yes this is what life feels like even if life is a fuckin horrendous creation of our minds. Real reality is something I prefere nowadays over my mind reality. Maybe I can be and do anything within my mind and believe that it is without consequences, being here in every breath is making it possible to change and see/experience the real difference these changes bring.

A short while ago I thought that I had shingles again, fear took me in it’s grip. This time I saw the nasty fucker coming, it sneaked out of my solar plexus to get his hand on my throat. I stopped and decide not to play along with this fear. So I choose reality over mind, then I forgave myself for participating within this fear. I had started lubricating the spot on my cheek with anti-viral cream and did so for 2 days. It never came to anything, it faded away and I witnessed me standing up for myself within not participating in this fear and standing up in the best interest of all. Just not participating in the pre-programming and the unified field is acting in the best interest of all. It takes only 1 moment to change and it takes many moments to change our world, but we have this power and self-trust to be more than robots to be the improved version of ourselves.

Who isn’t seeing that our world is in serious problems is simply doomed, who does see the atrocities and compounding events needs to stand up and no longer hide in fear. Fear has never liberated anybody so far in history so what would make you the first? Wouldn’t it be nice to walk without fear and feel the wind touching your skin and to be proud on the world you walk in? Or would you prefer a world where dead birds drop on your head, where viruses are ruling and everybody is acting from ego grabbing around them in greed and self-interest? To me this isn’t even a choice it’s crystal clear that I want to leave a world behind that is capable of giving all life a dignified life. Be 1 vote for world equality together with me and show the strength that’s within you, roll up your sleeves and build a better world!


2 Responses to “Where dead birds drop on your head…”

  1. …and to be proud of the world you walk in….
    That would be so cool!

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