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Heaven on earth 18/01/2011

This morning when I opened my Facebook account and watched my wall, it was all love and light. The last couple of days I’ve friended a lot of light workers so I have no right to complain. It’s just that some days my stomach couldn’t stand the amount of love and light and I needed a bucket to empty my stomach contents. I know that I’m simply reacting within such a moment to a part of me that was once part of my personality. I friended them out of the simple fact that I was there where they are now and I am now where they can be, in process.

There is this Scandinavian woman who is posting almost the whole day long these pictures that evoke positive emotions and feelings. In her thank you comments she always includes the word love. Around Christmas it was only mood pictures that she posted at a rapid pace as if she was a  tennis ball machine. Sometimes when I saw her picture I experienced a hint of anger and my secret mind produced comments like: “Does she has nothing better to do all day?” Also here I’m reacting, when I look back at my day at night I often feel that I was inefficient during my day. I could have done so much more, but I didn’t. Also today I did what I had to do and even a little bit more, but the rest of the day I was hibernating in front of the stove. It was cold outside and therefore cold inside and on those days I’m rooted to my stove. Maybe even addicted to the heat.

When I started with Facebook within my I-process, I had already practised commenting on YouTube. So every time when a “friend” wrote something I felt the duty to show them also another way of approaching the topic they were posting. I really did this in self-honesty as it seemed in that moment, but my starting point was one of dishonesty. Again I was reacting and this time towards the topic they were posting. Reacting is working with energy and energy isn’t real, so what is the use of debating something that is originated in something that isn’t even real?

So I stopped and I breathed I can no longer only react to all that is coming by on Facebook. My effectiveness lies in being self-honest and doing what I have to do to get on with my own process. I can only show and share my process with others through blogging and vlogging, reactions on others are indicators to look inside myself and to see what it is within myself that I’m reacting to. Commenting I only do on topics from Desteni people and not because I react on the topic, but simply because I see that I can add something to the discussion. Only then we can do the equality equation and show others how to communicate without wanting something from the other or to boost our ego and personality. It’s really refreshing once we leave competition out of the equation and interact as humans with no hidden agenda in self trust and trust of the other. Heaven on Facebook to practise for heaven on earth.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react with emotions and feelings on love and light messages.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react on other people without seeing that it’s me I ‘m reacting on.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react and comment from a dishonest starting point.


3 Responses to “Heaven on earth”

  1. Sylvia wrote: This morning when I opened my Facebook account and watched my wall, it was all love and light. LOL. Thanks for sharing Sylvia, I enjoyed.

  2. lol after reading your post I see below your post:
    “possible related posts: 10 inspirational light paintings” hahaha

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