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Discipline 02/02/2011

We’ve been showing over decades to our world and ourselves that we humans have a hard time directing ourselves. Directing ourselves in an effective, structured way, realizing that every movement, thought and energy driven action has consequences within our physical reality. Mostly we need others to give direction to our life’s, our partner, our boss, our hobby, our parents, our children, our animals, our friends, our traditions  and of course our internet. We have no clue what it really means to give direction to ourselves. If we had a clue our world wouldn’t be the way it is today.

We lack discipline, self discipline. At this point older people will probably agree with me, the most populair phrase amongst the elderly is, the youth nowadays does not know what it is to work hard and doing what they need to do. There might be some valid points in this statement, but we may not forget that the starting point for the elderly amongst us was one of fear. Fear for their boss, who was definitely more than them, when they came in late or didn’t work hard enough. That’s not self direction that’s self abuse and acceptance of an abusive money system called capitalism.

The soldier will say that he knows what self discipline is, but he’s only serving money in the manifestation of his superior general. The  light worker will say that he knows what self discipline is, but he’s only meditating till he blows his brains out and provide him with his next energetic shot. The athlete will say that he knows what self discipline is, but he’s training and competing for both energy and money.

Self discipline is directing self without any stimuli from outside and no mind related directions. You get out of bed in the morning not because you feel like it or don’t feel like it out of fear to be late at work. You put on the proper clothes for your work/day and according to the weather outside you pick your clothes, you do not bother if they are fashionable or reflecting your personality. You do your job, because you need money for your basic needs. You eat that amount of food which will support your body and not according to your emotions. You stay during your day within the physical reality and your presents, simply because you need yourself here. You act during your day in common sense and according to what’s best for all. You reflect upon your day just before you go to bed and sleep to check if you have to forgive yourself and apply any corrective statements. You do this all just out of the simple reason that you self direct yourself because you are life.

Earth is capable of directing itself by living according the 4 seasons. Nature is directing itself without acting on emotions and feelings. Life is directing itself and never gives up, only we give up on life. What is wrong with us that we are, the so called superior group on this planet, that’s lost inside ourselves? We never learned and were not programmed to direct ourselves, which doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. It’s the responsibility for all that we are which we think we do not have to take, also this is programming. With some DIY we can de-program ourselves and through discipline we can direct ourselves.YES WE CAN!

To me self discipline has been proven essential to do my process. Living my life from the starting point of what is best for all. Always applying the equality equation to see in a common sensical disciplined way if we all benefit from what I do as individual on this planet. I might seem insignificant to the whole, but all individuals together show if the equation is done effectively. Till so far the whole has failed. Therefore I need to apply in a disciplined way my applications and tools. One of the tools I use to share myself and spread awareness is through blogging. Showing others that I struggle with the same issues as they are and show them what I do about it. Even if I can reach out to one person it’s cool even if I do not reach out to anybody, I in fact reach out to myself and direct self through the experience of daily blogging.


2 Responses to “Discipline”

  1. Randy Krafft Says:

    excellent points, Sylvia. You’re dead on with the examples of perceived self-discipline. Until one can discipline one’s self to actually be self-directive in doing what’s best for all, it’s meaningless…

  2. Right On! Thanks Sylvia.

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