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Lucky it isn’t me 14/02/2011

Someone posted a news item on Facebook today about how life stock was attacked by viruses and how the life stock in Africa and Asia had a harder time surviving in comparison to the developed countries. Further it entailed how these diseases caused by the viruses were easily spread onto humans and that these viruses become more equipped and harder to fight. This person shared this news item and she wrote with it: “lucky I do not eat meat”. It’s a perfect example of who and what we have become within our world. We are humans who do not want to take any responsibility for our world and are glad when something happens to others. We feel that we have been saved for this atrocity by some higher force.

Whenever an ambulance drives fast or has it’s sirens on, people here in Italy say: “Oh my God”. So within my first year here I asked why they were saying this. They all told me that they were convinced the patient in the ambulance was almost dead or about to die. They indirectly said that they were glad that it wasn’t them inside the ambulance or any relative or friend. Also here I see a lack of responsibility and being glad that another suffers instead of you.

The dog from across the street had been walking around the neighborhood and eaten something that was poisoned. By the time the dog returned home he was already foaming at the mouth, the owners took the old dog to a vet, but it was already too late. We all were in a way relieved that it wasn’t our dog that had been suffering and dead. My daughter A. asked around what exactly had caused his dead, but nobody had found out or was going to find it out. I myself have no idea how to find out what it was exactly what the dog ate and who had put it there or given it to him and if it was on purpose. At this point also I decided that my responsibility stops here. With this attitude of mine and my neighbors the poisoning can easily happen again, how many animals will we allow to suffer and die? Probably till the point that it’s our dog or cat.

The mother of the neighbor living a little down the street and who lived in the same house was old and sick when the ambulance came to bring her to the hospital this week. It was too late and she had already passed away. We were all watching from behind our curtains and really glad that we hadn’t to deal with the loss of our mother, a funeral and all the family that comes by. Most family you never see in normal life, but they want to pay their last respect to the family. To me it’s again not taking any responsibility for the world you live in, you are only glad it’s them.

Less then a month ago we were in the situation of hardly having any money to survive within modern society, due to not having a stable job. People who came over saw our situation, they admitted that such a life was though, but were not able to assist and support practically. When these people were in our home they understood how life was for us, when they were in their own home again they were all forgotten about us and they were just glad they weren’t the one’s without a job. Most people that managed to help us out were the people who had little money themselves and shared and exchanged foods with us. It seems like we only become responsible people when we experience what it is to be affected by loss ourselves.

We are so absorbed by our own survival mode that we are incapable of looking beyond the windows of our own mind. Only when we return, through shock within our physical reality, and when reality is forcing itself upon us we will have to listen. Only then it is again all about us, we are the victims, we are the one’s that need to be saved. Only a few of us are capable of understanding that many of us are in the same position, there is only so much variety within organic robots and only so much themes to play out. Which implies that we all fear loss and death, only it plays out in different scenario’s.

It’s a pity that it’s always only about us, so basically we are driven by self interest. This “quality” can also be used for the best of all. When it’s all about you then it’s you that can change you in order to gain what’s best for you. The way we are approaching our problems now isn’t working very well so we need change. Lets change ourselves in such a way that it’s always best for everyone, then everybody is satisfied and capable to take responsibility. First we didn’t take our responsibility out of the simple fact that we had separated ourselves from the whole of humanity/animals/plants out of fear of loss or death. Now when we are capable of doing what’s best for all we are part of the whole and no longer separated. Therefore we can be equals without comparison and competition and fearing each other.

As long as we are equal and one we can embrace an Equal Money System and start to live, because our basics are taken care of and therefore we are able to expand and work on solutions that will benefit all and leaves no one behind. Be one vote for an Equal Money System.


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