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When expectations become possessions 16/02/2011

One of my Facebook friends posted today a “Quote Of The Day” on her blog, today it was a quote of Stephen Hawking. He says: “When one’s expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have. This is the fancy form of the original of Hawking’ s quote, he stated himself: “My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.”

I will stick in this blog to the fancy quote, since it’s more general and not specific about the physical condition of Hawking. Hawking has made a lot of statements and this one I can actually relate to. It’s a bit like the Job story from the bible with the difference that Job had not first his expectations taken away, but instead his possessions. Expectations or possessions, one can be possessed by one’s own expectations which makes an expectation into a possession. The bottom line here is when one has nothing all is better than nothing.

Isn’t this the bottom line with what we are dealing in the world today? People who have nothing will always experience progress when they’ll have something. People who have do not appreciate the fact that they have. They take it for granted and see it as their human right that they have, as in possessing, all they want and expect is to gain more than they already have. The people who do not have anything do neither expect anything and are therefore willing to bring forth change in order to appreciate the things they will have then. These people could make the change in our world if they are still healthy and have access to a certain form of civilisation. The people who already possess or are possessed by their expectations are also searching for progress, but will not appreciate it. Simply because it doesn’t fill up their void, this empty feeling of not knowing what it is to go without anything in life and therefore not seeing life here where life actual is. Only fearing to loose life, where life doesn’t exist. Life doesn’t exist in ideas within the mind that makes one fear to loose and not being able to life now and see what needs to be done. What needs to be done so that everybody can have expectations for a dignified life.

This world needs people who know through experience what it is to go without, because it seems that only those people are willing to change. Those people are willing to change our world into a better place for all. No self interest only in the best interest of all. Those people who are ready to give up their ego-istic expectations and are ready to work on themselves because they see that they are the problem and therefore also the solution to this world. There are still a lot of vacancies open to help and work towards a solution.

There is already training in place (desteniiprocess) to give these people the tools to work with. The solution is here and to find our way to here, we can use an Equal Money System as a transition to a world where we again appreciate life. Appreciating all life on earth and live without fears for tomorrow. To truly live in the present and to stop our inherited urge to create and re-create our past. Why should we circle around within an ineffective way of living where only a few possess and have expectations, if we can stop this now and are able to benefit from each other instead of consuming each other.


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