Sylvia's writing to freedom

Just another Monday… 08/03/2011

Tonight I do not have a specific topic I want to write about. There are several points waiting to be unwrapped and they will be in time, but not tonight. When I unwrap I don’t want to ruin the gift paper, I want to be in that moment an work with complete attention. In other words I don’t “feel” like opening up a point at 11:30 pm. It’s a lame excuse, nevertheless I take it for tonight.

It has been just another Monday and I didn’t experience much fears or confrontations within myself. No idea if they just weren’t there or if it was a matter of not wanting to face them.

I started this morning with sewing a tight sofa cover for the Country house of A&J. The first one is always exiting since I might have to adjust here and there.

My idea had been, after the sewing, to work on my mind construct, but there wasn’t a lot of time left before lunch so I decided to watch some video’s and read blogs. Once I start working on my mc I like to finish things and have enough time so that nothing will be a reason to rush myself and deliver bad work. Bad work isn’t in the best interest of all.

I did some laundry since there was this icy polar wind and a pale sun.

I made lunch for my partner P. and myself since the kids had theater class and were lunching at school. After lunch we did some hiking, only a small round. When walking home we picked up D. from the bus stop, since he and P. had to work in Fano.

I had almost 2 hours alone at home before picking up the kids at school. I had planned to make another vlog since the one I made last week didn’t upload, not even after trying 6 times. I was kind of pissed of on You Tube and blaming them for bad services. Though when I looked back I wasn’t really pleased with the vlog. I spoke about Russia and Libya and even though my facts were in place I didn’t feel secure. I even considered not posting it and that was the first time. So looking back I must have been manifesting and blaming You Tube at the same time for what I did to myself. The idea of doing another vlog didn’t seem a big issue, but when confronted with it I was blanco and had nothing to say or share at all. So I didn’t make any video and I seemed fine with it. Fine isn’t the right word I allowed myself to accept not doing what I had intended to do.

Through skype I made an appointment with A&J to go over to their house and fit the first cover I made and bring all the table cloths I already made. We agreed on 5 pm after I had picked up the kids.

We took the half dirt half asfalt road to A&J, I wanted to take the steep drive way, but the kids said no there will be still snow on the drive way. A&J had their car at the side of the road so they hadn’t dared to take this road. With the jeep it was no problem going up. I tried on the sofa cover and it completely changed the sofa. A&J were really happy with so much change in the apartments they rent out. We left with fresh eggs and went down the drive way down to the road. In that moment I realised what I had done by driving up in the first place, now I had to go down on the snow. It was a bit slippery, but at the beginning of the drive road the snow was melted away and I had enough grip to slow the jeep down to turn on the main road.

When home I took the laundry inside and prepared pizza dough. Within 1,5 hour P. and D.would come home and we were suppose to have dinner. P. had to take D. home and give French lessons at a friends house. My son J. had a paper to finish for tomorrow, therefore he stayed home with me. I did my writings and now I go to bed.

Just another Monday…


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