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My mind, an energy extractor? 16/04/2011

My kids like to play with “bartender” and “clever bot” on the internet. Both are softwares, “clever bot” is an artificial intelligence which you can ask questions on which the software respond with algorithms or with “bar tender” you can mix a drink and the bartender will show you his appreciation. On both softwares the responses are randomly, which gives hilarious situations. From time to time my kids are just rolling on the ground while having the giggles. It’s a game, it’s funny and we fully see through it, how the software is fooling us. We understand, even as kids, that there is no correlation between us as a beings who put input into the computer software and the output the computer software gives us. It’s simply funny and we laugh our pants off, nothing personal.

When I look at my own mind it does kind of work the same way as the “clever bot” and “bartender” only the amount of data in my software/mind is beyond that of these games. Due to more data that I already lived through, my mind game becomes suddenly more real, because it seems to have a relationship with me, the owner of the mind. Though when I watch my mind closely I see that I often get random data in my awareness, which I experience as odd, but nevertheless it gives me the ability to open up more mind drawers to excess more data and before I know it I’m stuck in a network of data that I’m familiar with. That’s why my mind game seems so real. All the other thoughts that are also randomly produced by my mind, those that in a way make sense to me, I label as meaningful and real. It’s quite funny to see how I react on data as thoughts and memories and experience them as personal and really of  me, while they are randomly fired at me like a tennis ball machine does with balls. So I do not fall for the computer games, but I do fall or buy into the same mechanism my mind uses. Up to the point of fears who can even hunt me as real entities.

When I speak about fears I get this image of the movie “Monsters and co”, what is also a nice representation of the mind. The power plant that works on collecting screams of frightened children. Extracting energy out of fear, doesn’t that ring a bell? When being introduced to the scream-extractor, I always thought it was so hilarious when watching the movie with my kids. Now when looking at it from the perspective of how the mind functions, the mind is some sort of a scream extractor. When I have thoughts/memories that put me into this state of fear, I’m generating energy for my mind conscious system that is feeding off me. So again I’m watching this surreal story while in fact in real life my own system is functioning the same way. Where does that leave my perspective on life, on issues such as real and unreal or true and false? The movie gets even better when at the end the main characters transform the negative energy resource, that’s extracted from fears, into energy from laughter and pleasure. So a happy ending, the bad turns into good. But really is it? To me it’s simply a polarity of good and bad that ‘s playing out throughout the whole movie. It’s still a power plant that’s extracting energy. That’s the same with our minds, no matter if it’s fear or so called happiness that’s generating the energy, it’s still energy. Energy that’s of the mind and the mind consciousness system and has nothing to do with our physical reality, yet we experience it as real.

Most of us like movies such as “the Matrix”, movies that represents reality in a great way. We look at those movies or computer games and are able to see where the main characters are tricked, but we are unable to transfer this information  onto our own existence. We simply cannot believe that this is more than conspiracy or nice science fiction,  I, for many years didn’t make these connections either. Though now when walking my Desteni “I” process I’m able to see beyond the veils that are placed there carefully with great dedication to allow me to deceive myself. Yes, it was placed there in order to enslave me, but I accepted and allowed it to stay there and let me feel powerless and inferior to all that exist. Quite a fuck up to say the least, but also a really good experience and awakening when I found out that it’s me who can actually change me by being my own directive principle. I who starts finally caring about me which enables me to care for all and act in the best interest of all. The Desteni “I”process is the best thing that ever happend to me. So if you have questions about this process, feel free and place them in the comment section. We’re here to suport and assist each other, that’s how we walk into real evolution.


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