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We met the face of BIG PHARMA 21/08/2011

We had a simple request for our family doctor and we thought the request had been properly addressed, but reality did put us back with 2 feet on the ground. My daughter A. has 2 warts, 1 on the flat of her hand and 1 on the inside of her foot. The 1 on her hand is the most inconvenient since she is into indoor and outdoor rock climbing. So at the beginning of this summer we decided to visit our family doctor and ask for a referral to visit the hospital to remove the warts with liquid nitrogen. That way she had all summer to enjoy rock climbing and practise for the champions in September.


My only reference to removing warts with liquid nitrogen is the procedure how it’s done in The Netherlands. One goes to the family doctor, he/she investigate and then an appointment is made at the nurse/assistant of that doctor and he/she will remove the warts. Small children, meaning kindergarten age, are given medication. This is done due to the feel on the skin of this burning off of the warts. Small children may move their body out of fear and healthy skin may be burned/affected. Most family doctors who work together with a few other doctors have this special consultation time for removing warts every month.


These were my memories that popped up when we decided to remove the warts. Here in Italy we went to our family doctor who is always alone, he doesn’t have any nurse nor assistent and only investigate and send you to a specialist. Our family doctor agreed upon removing the warts with liquid nitrogen and wrote us a referral to visit a dermatologist in a nearby hospital. When we tried to make an appointment we were told that it couldn’t be before the end of August. That on itself was kind of a bummer, since we anticipated by addressing this issue before summer started. We got over this point and accepted an appointment for August and I was sure we made an appointment to remove the warts with liquid nitrogen.


Yesterday my partner P. and daughter A. went to the hospital, bought a ticket. This ticket had gone €8.50 up in price within a year. They waited in the waiting room and expected to see this dermatologist I had visited before since she is one of our family doctors favorites, he sees her as highly qualified and using common sense before medicating. When it was their turn, this dermatologist who they were expecting was replaced by another due to holidays. This dermatologist looked at the warts and at A. and said right away that she was going for the small children treatment. She wasn’t making friends with A. who is 14 years old. Within that statement of the dermatologist liquid nitrogen was off the table.


P. and A. were a bit confused since they were getting all kind of weird suggestions from this doctor to make the warts go away. We had to buy silk bandages put it on the warts with a little snip in it above the wart. Then put an acid tablet on top of it and again bandages to keep it in place. She strongly advised not to follow the instructions on the leaflet that said to remove it during the night and not expose the skin too long to the acid. She suggested to use the tablet 24/7. Then she concluded that A. her immune system was absolute below zero since she has 2 warts. A. must be under stress and this was undermining her immune system and A. had to take a 2 months cure to strengthen her immune system ( to my information, warts are indicating anger and the outflow could be stress). She firstly suggested  the best medication around €80 and then the least working one for around €60. Then she stated that since we as a family live together we would too be affected with this wart virus, even if we didn’t have warts at the moment, it would be in our blood stream. She didn’t say that the 4 of us should all use a €80 cure, but she tried to plant a seed of fear.


When P. and A. came home quite disillusioned, I said: today we met the face of BIG PHARMA. This doctor was simply going through a list to make sure that she was manipulating us into the direction of spending the most money on medication. Here in Italy a doctor and especially a specialist are placed on a pedestal and one does not question their opinion. You might visit another doctor for a second opinion, but if he/she states the same it must be the truth. Also medication is quite important here, leaving a doctor after consulting him/her without medication turns, in general, that doctor into an inadequate doctor. BIG PHARMA has got it’s fat fingers deep into Italy. Toddlers in general have had at least 4 anti-biotic cures before going to school. Cortisone is given like Italian ice-cream and most Italians have a distorted immune system due to over medication and the stress how to pay for all of this without taking a loan.


Looking at the profession of a doctor and the opinion of a lot of people that doctors should earn more than let say an electrician is to me quite an abusive opinion. How can the fact being a doctor be seen as more than being an electrician or any other profession for that matter. A doctor is simply going through list of symptoms and if you have a few symptoms met you’re labeled with a disease and are accordingly medicated. Who is making these lists in the first place? I suggest: follow the money. Of course there are doctors out their that do use common sense and do treat the underlying symptoms, but those are rare and not the rich ones. Doctors are doing night shifts, but so do may other professions. The responsibility of a doctor is bigger, people say, but lets say the electrician fucks up the emergency generator and a hospital is having a power failure, the consequences are probably bigger than operating 1 persons wrong leg. So there is no being more responsible and therefore being more paid. Looking at professions from this point of view, we Destonians suggest an Equal Money System where we all make the same amount of money for all professions. Only those that want to contribute as being a doctor will do so. There will be no longer something to gain from this profession such as money or status. When disease research is done in the best interest of all, a lot of diseases will be resolved/removed and therefore no longer exist. Which means less need for doctors in general.


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