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It’s always about us 12/03/2011

Natural disasters, bad and though times, aren’t they revealing the real intend of men? This morning while going through the news and talking with the kids about Japan, my daughter A. said that a girl in her class feared for the nuclear installations in France. How come, I said. France isn’t effected with disasters and their nuclear installations are fine. The point was the girl had seen the images of Japan and feared such an event and projected it onto her own situation. The closest nuclear installation here in Italy are indeed in France. This is only one example, but this is how it goes most of the times. We hear about disasters bad news and instead of taking in that news and really see what that means for those people and what can be done. Instead we project it onto ourselves in a fantasy like way, because we are not effected by such a disaster in that moment, and suddenly we fear in such an extent that we feel the victim. The ugly thing about such a mechanism is that a victim can not think clear and help in all ways possible the real victims. And again as always we end up acting out of self interest and are we not able to see the need through our projected fantasy based fear.

Then when going through some more news about the tsunami in Japan I read some comments. I like reading comments to see how others are perceiving things and where they stand. Here I read  a comment where someone said with a lot of emphasize that we are not to blame for  the disaster taking place now in Japan and also Indonesia with an volcanic eruption and that we can not do anything about it. Is that so? Or is it just a matter of who shouts the loudest is right?

Are we indeed not to blame when it comes to disasters? I sincerely doubt it, I can see that it’s some kind of wishful thinking and when the really bad things are happing it’s a relief to take your hands of it and have no responsibility what so ever any more. We have to understand that every action and every thought we have, how big or how little, it always has consequences in the physical reality whether you’re aware of it or not. So, when during my life time my actions lead to series of consequences how would all the actions with all their consequences add up? And of course we can not stop a 7 meter high wave while it’s happening, not even with thousands of people. We’re merely ants that are splashed away. Though it’s not saying anything about who caused it over time in the first place.

When I neglect the wiring in my house for many years out of a self interested way or just because I do not have the financial ability to adress this problem the end result stays the same. One day a short may have a devastating effect on my home and I find myself rescued outside while big flames are coming out of my home. In that moment I can not stop the flames and the house from burning on my own and I might ask myself why this has to happen to me. Things happen always to us, because we initiated them by actually causing them or accepting and allowing them.

So on a bigger scale within natural disasters we can feel helpless and victimized when the end result forces itself upon our reality, but we are to blame for not taking responsibility in the first place. If we really did not do anything that would have consequences, our world would be static and nothing would happen what so ever. But is that the case?

It’s up to us whether we see ourselves as a victim or we see in self-honesty that we are both victim and the cause. I do not want to make myself a victim through projections or real actions within my reality. I want to deal with the symptoms and even with that what caused these symptoms. I don’t want to be impressed by consequences of my actions while feeling powerless. I want to take my responsibility back and therefore I work on myself within the desteni ‘I’ process.