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Is my child having sex? 06/07/2011

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Hot chocolate and a nice fire in the fireplace 03/03/2011

Last night it started snowing again and it snowed throughout the night. This morning when I woke up the whole world was white, covered in wet, heavy and sticky snow. My partner P. and I had to do our groceries so we took the car and went to the next town. The road was far more clean then we had expected, we even drove behind a tractor that was cleaning the road.

I looked outside while sitting in the car and watched this winter landscape. My associations with a snowy landscape are those of inconveniences. To most people this landscape appeals to the imagination and they experience it as romantic. They connect the landscape to for instance hot chocolate, skating, skiing, fire place and a feeling of comfort. For my son J. snow meant Christmas even if we not really celebrated Christmas.

So when people do see a snowy landscape they immediately step out of reality and hide themselves in all kind of memories and associations around snow. Thereafter they tell you how much they like snow and you are no longer talking to someone here in that moment, instead you talk to someone that  is entangled in all kind of past tense delusions.

When I watched the trees today, while looking outside the car, I didn’t see any romantic scenery. This kind of sticky snow is quite heavy on the branches of trees and shrubs. They are in a way fighting for their life or at least their health. When the snow get too heavy and the wind hasn’t been able to blow some of the snow off the branches will snap under the weight of the snow. That was what I saw many many branches snapped and still hanging half attached to the tree or shrubs. So the trees and shrubs have in a way open wounds within freezing weather, how could that in any way what so ever be romantic.

How come that we are so deluded that we can not even see what is really going on. Nature is struggling and crying out in pain and we gossip while sipping our hot choco. It’s really sick to an extent that we are so fucked up, not facing ourselves and not all taking responsibility that we turn off our head from reality and disappear within our mind. The bad news is that we not only treat trees and shrubs like shit we do it with all of creation including ourselves. Sick. Time to stand up and take responsibility, we have to, before our world collapse and diminish and we still celebrate the beauty of nature while spreading light and love to blind us till eternity.